Underfloor heating with microcement

Underfloor heating with microcement polished floor

Microcement polished floor is very easy to clean, it looks great in a contemporary styled house, but is it warm? Underfloor heating can help.

microcement polished concrete floor, contemporary concrete floorNobody likes cold floor, so we fit heating underneath them. Great. Microcement creates a perfect mix with under screed systems.

With modern electric or wet heating system, the cost of running it dramatically decreased....so plan ahead and install heating before you plan on installing microcement or polished concrete flooring. Because you have to installed it before any flooring. All the heating coil is encased in concrete screed like on the drawing below.

uncerfloor heating and microcement polished concrete floor

Polished cement floor doesn't lose its flexibility with age.  It makes micro cement perfect choice in bathrooms or wetrooms with underfloor heating, water or electric.  Microcement shower trays are something spectacular, it gives you freedom of choice. You'll have no limitation for dimension or colour. A heated option is a bonus.

If you're interested and would like to check the pricing - please use our online cost calculator. Click here


Microbond® microcement allows countless aesthetic solutions, thanks to our extensive colour chart and the extremely artisanal nature of its application. Each element that we coat with this microcement takes on a unique, modern and material look. You can cover the floor or shop front with a more intense and opaque finish

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