Polished concrete Ultima floor

Polished concrete Ultima floor

Polished concrete

Ultima polished concrete is an advanced flooring screed usually thickness between 8mm - 15mm. Polymer and cement-based powder are mixed with water to achieve smooth fast setting fluid. Once set, we use power float. Sometimes our clients want a shiny surface. We grind the floor using a concrete polishing machine. We can repair the existing floor or to install a new surface. It is an industrial type of flooring, but works perfectly in domestic applications, giving home, office or garage classy industrial look of polished concrete.

  • Hard wearing

  • No maintenance required

  • Choose from 10 base colours (custom colour available)

  • Wide range of applications

  • glossy or matt finish

polished concrete

Please inquire within if your project requires other products. We offer a range of products suitable for most out- and indoor applications.

Polished concrete comes in many different shapes and forms:

  • Burnished top – where the creamy laitance has been heavily mechanically trowelled at time of placement and then densified and burnished with a floor grinder – no aggregate exposure
  • Salt and Pepper Concrete effective – where there is only a slight grind to remove a micron of laitance and achieve very minimal exposure
  • Quarter Cut – where we bring the aggregate back to expose a light aggregate
  • Half Cut – this is when we grind the aggregate through to 50% of the stones.