Ultima floor

Ultimate industrial floor

Ultima is an advanced flooring screed usually thickness between 8mm - 15mm. Polymer and cement based powder are mixed with water to achieve smooth fast setting fluid. Once set, power float is used. If the shiny surface is required, we grind the floor using a concrete polishing machine. It can be used to repair the existing floor or to install a new surface. It is an industrial type of flooring, but works perfectly in domestic applications, giving home, office or garage classy industrial look of polished concrete.

  • Hard wearing

  • No maintenance required

  • Choose from 10 base colours (custom colour available)

  • Wide range of applications

  • glossy or matt finish

Please inquire within if your project requires other products. We offer a range of products suitable for most out- and indoor applications.

  • Enduro screed, abrasion resistant layer, used in warehouses or production plants, smooth and very tough

  • Top screed is anti-skid version of Enduro screed, self spread polymer cement based.

  • PressBeton is a thin layered, self spread decorative floor, designed for stamping, in- and outdoor projects, used on patios, pavements, terraces, driveways etc

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