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Microcement Floors and Walls

Microcement Flooring

Microcement flooring option has recently been on the verge of choices made either for industrial, commercial or residential premises of all types…

While most typically chosen for kitchens and bathrooms, just like the ceramic tile, its usage options are not as limited as you might think and its variety will most likely surpass your expectations.

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Microcement Walls

We provide the installation service for all types of premises – starting with helping install microcement for residential and commercial locations. 

The case with micro cement wall finishes is mostly that instead of the durability of the material, people tend to focus on the look and feel. 

This is why we recommend you check our color chart befor choosing the color. We’ve got 400 colors to choose from. but it does not end here. Wa can also match any RAL colour if required.

Concrete waterproofing

One of the best solutions to concrete waterproofing is the use of Evercrete Vetrofluid.

Evercrete Vetrofluid® is a special concrete waterproofing agent for protecting concrete from deterioration. Its formula is based on water glass with a special catalyst that allows the product to penetrate into the concrete from 10 mm to 40 mm. Evercrete Vetrofluid® seals the pores of the concrete and becomes a permanent barrier. Evercrete Vetrofluid® permanently waterproofs, hardens and protects all types of concrete.

Certified for use in contact with drinking water and is suitable for waterproofing and protecting concrete tanks and surfaces for use in contact with food.
Also provides the concrete with excellent resistance to chemical attacks.
Evercrete Vetrofluid® blocks water/rising damp when applied to the foundation.

Total Concrete Protection

Evercrete Pavishield® is a special protecting agent for preventing industrial concrete floors from deterioration. Its proprietary formula, based on water glass with a special catalyst, allows the product to penetrate the concrete from 10 mm up to 34 mm.

Evercrete Pavishield® can be applied to any type of floor, ramp, or concrete, both fresh and mature.

Protecting the concrete from premature deterioration helps reducing it’s carbon footprint by extending the lifespan of concrete structures.

We’ll be more than glad to assist you in that process!

Concrete Repairs

While this may not be obvious to someone who’s never maintained a concrete structure or road, concrete breaks, cracks, and crumbles. It needs to be repaired from time to time, and sometimes removed and poured again.

By far, the fastest and cheapest option is to repair it. Making repairs with concrete takes time, making repairs with resin-based material creates another problem – differences in thermal expansion.

The solution is very elegant – Rapidly setting concrete repair mortar – Crono. Crono is a high-strength fiber-reinforced polymer-modified quick-setting concrete reparation mortar. Crono is designed to allow a fast and reliable repair of concrete floors. Applicable from 0 to 10 cm, it has very low shrinkage. These properties speed up the preparation of support and reduce the entire job’s application times, allowing reopening to traffic in an ultra-short time.

We will be honored to help you in installing it fast and nicely!

Timber and Stone Protection

Timber products, bricks and masonry products need protection too.

Brickcover is a protective water repellent for stone and brick protection that, thanks to its catalyst, penetrates deep into the support, leaving unchanged the superficial aspect of the stone. Its formulation based on potassium salt makes Brickcover a long-lasting treatment both on horizontal surfaces and verticals. Penetrates into the porosity of the stone, it does not produce any film on the surface and allows the natural breathability

Everwood® Eco Sealer is an ecological water-based impregnating agent, suitable for interiors and exteriors, which penetrates deeply into the fibers of the wood and mineralizes by binding permanently to the cellulose.

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