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  • Bond-Kote Stgrutturale is concrete repair mortar

    Bond-Kote Strutturale – Quick Concrete Repair Mortar

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  • Brickover - brick protection from mold and deterioration

    Brickover – Stone and Brick Protection

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  • cerbero base - microcement primer

    Cerbero Base – Easy To Use Microcement Primer

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  • fast-setting concrete repair mortar

    Crono – Superfast Concrete Repair Mortar

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  • EcoBeton Degreaser for concrete and other surfaces

    Ecobeton Degreaser for Concrete

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  • EcoBeton-color-chart-400-colours-of-microcement

    Ecobeton Toner #6021

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  • Ercole Ecoactive - air purifing external render

    Ercole Ecoactive – Pollution Reduction

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  • Ercole - microcement base for internal and external use

    Ercole White – Durable Microcement Base

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  • Sale! Vetrofluid concrete waterproofing

    Evercrete Vetrofluid – Best Concrete Waterproofing and Densification

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  • GiGi sealer - non toxic concrete sealer siutable for microcement

    Gi.Gi. – The Best Sealer for Microcement

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  • Micro Med + concrete and microcement water repellant wax

    Micro med+ The Best Concrete Wax

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  • Microbond - polished concrete look microcement

    Microbond – Safe Cement Based Microcement

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  • Cerbero sealer - concrete and microcement sealer

    New Cerbero Sealer for Concrete and Microcement

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  • Pavishield - Paving and driveway protection from stains

    Pavishield – Permanent Concrete Protection and Consolidation

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  • Bonding Agent - pour thin concrete froma s low as 2mm

    Perfect Bonding Agent for Concrete

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  • Waterproof Swimming Pool Render - Poseidone

    Poseidone – Swimming Pool Render 25kg

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