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Contemporary Microcement

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Microcement supply and fitting

We are able to install microcement almost anywhere!

Microcement Flooring

In case you've ever found yourself in a situation, when you've been choosing a microcement flooring, then you probably know how immense the diversity is...

Microcement walls

Covering walls in microcement has recently been a popular choice made either for industrial, commercial or residential premises of all types...

Kitchen & Bathroom

With our wide choice of microcement you can have your kitchen or bathroom finished it the latest contemporary, industrial or rustic style...

Eco-friendly Microcement

With the trend for eco-friendliness now being more relevant than ever, our company does not just stand by idly. In fact, our microcement is completely VOC free...

Why microcment?

Our company initially started out as a general construction, founded by a Master Builder Jack and his decorator cousin Alex 11 years ago.

Since those times their business has grown from a small construction company to a modest, 20 staff members team of waterproofing and microcement specialists in the heart of London, OR. We simply worked hard, added new material options to our range, installed them nice and quick...

Some Recent Projects

Beautiful style with micro-cement
Beautiful style with micro-cement

High-quality micro-cement is a great alternative to tiles. Extensive choice of colours allows for full flexibility. This is why it is a product of choice when the minimalist look is required. The seamless surface of micro-cement, when compared to tiles…

Stunning microcement furniture in London SW10
Stunning microcement furniture in London SW10

Just have a look at those pictures of microcement furniture. We have fitted The Entire shop with microcement furniture. We've started This project a couple of months ago with shopfitters from EC1 building all the furniture, partitions and ceilings. The…

Strong and modern microcement
Strong and modern microcement

Contemporary style with microcement High-quality microcement is a great material for flooring, wall finishes and even work surfaces and furniture. Extensive choice of colours and finishes allows for full flexibility. It is a product of choice when a minimalist contemporary…

Modern underfloor heating with microcement
Modern underfloor heating with microcement

Underfloor heating with microcement polished floor Microcement polished floor is very easy to clean, it looks great in a contemporary styled house, but is it warm? Underfloor heating can help. Nobody likes cold floor, so we fit heating underneath them.…

Revolutionary Waterproof Render for Swimming Pools
Revolutionary Waterproof Render for Swimming Pools

Poseidone - a revolutionary waterproof thin coat render for swimming pools that can change the look of your swimming pool or pond.  Tiles, mosaics or toxic resins have been used for surfacing swimming pools, jacuzzis and ponds for many years.…

Traditional terrazzo in London
Traditional terrazzo in London

We have been approached by a property manager of one of many of London's synagogues to investigate and possibly help with the recreation of the traditional terrazzo floor. The floor has been done in the early 20th century and lately…

New metallic coatings
New metallic coatings

Our new range of metallic coatings opens completely new possibilities. It is a bicomponent product A (resin) +B (real metal powder), once mixed, it becomes an odourless metallic paste that can be applied over any good substrate that has been prepared…


When I purchased my new home in North London, it urgently needed a renovation. So while in the process of that, I stumbled upon a subject that I never knew before - namely which specific microcment type should I choose for every given room. Eventually, I hired these guys to land me a hand!

Deborah Quagmire

With decades of home renovation experience at hand, we always were able to do all our installations ourselves. Still, as we've recently had yet another home renovation Product at hand and eventually, when flooring 5000 square feet with the Ecobeton Microbon specified by the architect, we hired this company so they help us!

Benedict Arnold