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Polished concrete Ultima floor

Polished concrete Ultima polished concrete is an advanced flooring screed usually thickness between 8mm - 15mm. Polymer and cement-based powder are mixed with water to achieve smooth fast setting fluid. Once set, we use power float. Sometimes our clients want a shiny surface. We grind the floor using a concrete polishing machine. We can repair…
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Terrazzo never gets old

Terrazzo - classic flooring Its history reaches ancient Egypt, and it hasn't changed its form in general. Tossing marble chips into cement and polishing after is very similar to most current technology. There are obviously differences in terms of concrete quality or machine polishing, but it's still the same old terrazzo. Currently, we can distinguish…
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Stunning microcement furniture in London SW10

Just have a look at those pictures of microcement furniture. We have fitted The Entire shop with microcement furniture. We've started This project a couple of months ago with shopfitters from EC1 building all the furniture, partitions and ceilings. The floor has been reinforced with 2 layers of plywood - to make it even and…
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Modern underfloor heating with microcement

Underfloor heating with microcement polished floor Microcement polished floor is very easy to clean, it looks great in a contemporary styled house, but is it warm? Underfloor heating can help. Nobody likes cold floor, so we fit heating underneath them. Great. Microcement creates a perfect mix with under screed systems. With modern electric or wet…
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