Minimalist style with microcement

High-quality microcement is a great alternative to tiles. Extensive choice of colours and finishes allows for full flexibility. It is a product of choice when the minimalist look is required. The seamless surface of micro-cement, when compared to tiles with grouting lines looks cleaner. Also much more sophisticated, yet at the same time simple. Extremely durable although quite thin, microcement can be applied to most of the stable substrates, including wood, ceramics etc. because it is only 2-3 mm thick, your new floor will not affect door height. This makes it cost-effective compared to the new wooden floor or tiles. Raised floor leaves no gap under the door.

Prices of microcement

Prices of microcement in London vary, depending on the product used. You'll have to pay anything from 20 pounds up to 120 pounds per 20 kg bucket. The cost of laying microcement is 50-80 pounds per sq. meter on top of that. Depending on the size of the surface, micro-cement installation price may be different, owner of the 100 sqm apartment will pay less per sq meter as someone just doing 3 sq meter bathroom. On average you can expect to pay a total of 100 - 140 pounds per square meter. It depends on the size of the project and requirements. Depending on requirements we'll provide either resin based solution or water-based cementitious compound.

As a London based micro-cement company, we try to stay as competitive as possible without compromising on quality, we're fully committed to delivering an exceptionally good product which will last years in perfect condition. We've been in the trade long enough to know, how important quality is, therefore all our staff is properly trained in micro-cement installation.

Our Team

Always looking to raise qualification, we work closely with manufacturers of micro-cement products keeping our knowledge and expertise on high level. Should you have any questions regarding your project or you're not sure if micro-cement is suitable for your property, please contact us and we'll definitely try to help you.

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