Revolutionary Waterproof Render for Swimming Pools

Revolutionary Waterproof Render for Swimming Pools

Poseidone - a revolutionary waterproof thin coat render for swimming pools that can change the look of your swimming pool or pond. 

Tiles, mosaics or toxic resins have been used for surfacing swimming pools, jacuzzis and ponds for many years. But they force a compromise on designers and clients. They either give you a seamless but artificial (high in VOC plastics) or a natural and human-friendly finish, with joints. Plenty of them.

What about concrete swimming pools?

Unprotected cast concrete swimming pool.

Well, almost all of them are made out of concrete. The problem is, that concrete on its own is very porous. The porous concrete stains easily deteriorates fast and is not waterproof. A dirty, leaky and crumbling swimming pool is far from ideal even for those who like the industrial look of concrete. What about those, who like the seamless look of concrete, but not necessarily its colour?

We’ve got the solution for concrete swimmings pools

The solution is called Poseidone and has been invented by Italians, who pioneered in concrete for over two millennia.

Vicenza based company Ecobeton developed a continuous cementitious render for swimming pools and wet areas. It allows you to easily cover and renew elements such as swimming pools, fountains, tubs and even hammams and saunas. It is a single-component microcement capable of enhancing all design projects with a seamless decorative surface and modern and valuable aesthetics.

Simple and versatile waterproof render

Poseidone is a ready-to-use one-component cementitious coating. Easy to apply, with a thickness of over 4 mm after just two coats, no need for primer or protective sealer after the application. It is made sustainably, by using recycled raw materials and natural cement

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  1. Can I buy this product?
    I am building an above ground pool

  2. I need to water proof my concrete block swimming pool. It is 10 m x 4m. How many poseidon will water proof the pool and the costs.

  3. hi, we are building an indoor pool 15x5m x 1.2for 12m & 7.2f for3m.
    How long doe Poseidone last.
    and how much would we need
    is it easy to apply?

  4. Hi Tracy,
    Thank you for your enquiry.
    Poseidone is a waterproof cement-based render/microcement/overlay.
    Therefore it will last for dozens of years. As long as the swimming pool.
    You’ll need approx. 10 kg/m2 to achieve a 5mm layer,

    Please send us the swimming pool plans and we’ll price it for you.

  5. Hi . I am rendering a swimming pool with sand and cement first onto concrete blocks . Can I apply your microcement render product over this when dry.

  6. Above it says that there is “no need for primer or protective sealer after the application”. But here you recommend “sealing the final layer of Poseigone with GiGi or Cerbero sealer”. Can you clarify which is the final advice please?

  7. Hi, I have an old swimming pool that needs re-surfacing. The pool is about 45 years old and is covered with marblite which is now very patchy. Can I use Poseidone to resurface this pool? What is the minimum thickness in this situation?

  8. Certainly, Poseidone can be used to resurface your old swimming pool covered with marblite. In this situation, the recommended minimum thickness for the resurfacing is 5mm to be on a safe side. This thickness ensures a durable and reliable coating, providing a fresh and uniform appearance to your pool while addressing any patchy areas. If you have any more questions or need further assistance, please feel free to ask.

  9. Hello Helena,

    Absolutely, Poseidone is suitable for resurfacing your old pool with a marblite surface. For such applications, a minimum thickness of about 4-6 mm is typically recommended. Proper surface preparation is crucial for optimal results. Feel free to contact me directly for a detailed assessment and tailored advice for your pool.

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