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Microcement in London.

Natoora Fulham – Most impressive fruit and veg shop in London

Just have a look at those pictures. The Entire shop has been fitted out with microcement covered furniture. This project has started a couple of month ago with shopfitters from EC1 building all the furniture, partitions and ceilings. Floor has been reinforced with 2 layers of plywood - to make it even and rigid. Once…
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Contemporary microcement furniture ²

Have you ever seen furniture made out of concrete ? If you have - they were most likely made out of timber and covered with a special coating resembling concrete. This coating is called Microcement. The main reason concrete furniture are made this way is weight saving. But not only that. Microcement furniture is a…
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Underfloor heating with microcement polished floor

Underfloor heating with microcement polished floor Microcement polished floor is very easy to clean, it looks great in contemporary styled house, but is it warm ? Nobody likes cold floor, so we fit underfloor heating. Great. Microcement create perfect mix with underfloor heating. With modern electric  or wet heating system the cost of running it…
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Contemporary style with Microcement worktop

Microcement is a perfect overlay for kitchen tables, worktops and splashbacks. You can order kitchen worktops made to measure with Kensington Green. We can provide ready-made worktops or manufacture them on site, whichever is most practical. Steel frame kitchen islands, worktops with under-mounted sinks, splashbacks in different colours, finishes, shapes and sizes. Just send drop…
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