Microbond - Safe Cement Based Microcement

Microbond - Safe Cement Based Microcement


Microbond® is a cementitious ready-mix microcement, single-component, which is mixed with water for a smooth and uniform trowelled finish. It can be applied to the internal and external surface and can be combined with any colour. Microbond® is the perfect product for decorative concrete stamping and concrete trowelled finish. Microbond® can be applied both on horizontal and vertical surfaces, ceilings, floors, walls and pieces of furniture.

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The best microcement on the market

The decorative Microcement for indoor and outdoor use have been developed thanks to Ecobeton’s experience in the industrial field and in particular in the sector of deteriorated flooring refurbishment.

To solve this, Ecobeton has fine-tuned the techniques and products for refurbishing deteriorated surfaces. And by developing coatings that avoid demolishing with consequent savings in terms of money and time. These are extremely low thickness coatings (1 – 3 mm) with proven performance in terms of strength, endurance and durability in time.
The micro-cement based coatings for decorative surface coating and interior design have been developed from these products and have the same performance characteristics.  Microbond is applied for obtaining smooth surfaces with a continuous textured effect. And to enhance settings by endowing them with a minimalist and essential style. The customization possibilities are endless: you can decorate, print, emboss textures
and patterns even with a low thickness.

You can buy it as white and grey, but the range of colours that can be obtained is huge: pastel colours, to bright shades, monochrome to shaded effects. You can add colour when mixing or colour the surfaces after applying the coating.
Ecobeton developed its cement base systems in partnership with the Super-Krete Inc. research laboratory in Sant’Antonio (Texas).

Best microcement on the UK market

Microbond is a micro-cement based coating with a textured and continuous aspect applied to enhance new or existing surfaces. Because it is a single-component cement base powder containing dried copolymers that give it has an extraordinary adhesion force and an incredible resistance to abrasion, even with a thickness of only 2 millimetres.
To obtain a long-lasting result, it is fundamental to prepare the surface and assess the state of the support. For this purpose, Ecobeton provides a system for preparing the support to be coated so as to guarantee excellent performance in time.  The system requires the use of Evercrete Pavishield as a protective barrier against rising damp; this treatment avoids any coating detachments or bubbles caused by saponification.  Applying two coats of the Ercole cement base coating on the ® surface, before applying Microbond, will increase its resistance.

Strength and durability with a 2 mm thickness

Applying the Microbond cement base microcement.

Thanks to its adhesion properties Microbond is capable of coating horizontal and vertical surfaces, furniture and furnishing elements.
Furthermore, its performance allows it to coat kitchen countertops, bathrooms, stairs, door leaves, wardrobes and tables. If suitably protected using one of the Ecobeton finishing’s it will resist aggression by oil, coffee, lemon juice, water, detergents and it can even be used to coat shower pans.
Microbond endows the settings with a minimalist style, where the real protagonist is the coating, which is conceived as a real furnishing element.

Properties of Microcement from Ecobeton

It is ready for use
Mixes with water
It coats old floors, terracotta and tiles
Has excellent adhesion to the support
It is abrasion-resistant
Resistant to cutting effort
Extreme versatility
Easy to apply
Eco-compatible and safe

Additional information

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Dimensions 30 × 30 × 50 cm



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