Pavishield - Permanent Concrete Protection and Consolidation

Pavishield - Permanent Concrete Protection and Consolidation


Evercrete Pavishield® is a special protecting agent for preventing industrial concrete floors from deterioration. Its proprietary formula, based on waterglass with a special catalyst, allows the product to penetrate the concrete from 10 mm up to 34 mm.
Evercrete Pavishield
® seals the pores in the concrete and becomes a permanent barrier.
Evercrete Pavishield
® can be applied to any type of floor, ramp, or concrete, both fresh  nd mature.

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Spray on Concrete Protection

With Pavishield® concrete protection you can improve the life of your industrial flooring because it is the only product able to protect the concrete at 360 degrees, even outside. With Pavishield® you can prevent the deterioration of the concrete from the first minutes using it as a curing compound. Then your floor will be protected also from atmospheric agents, deicing salts, superficial wear and rising damp.

Concrete Protection made easy with Pavishield
Concrete Protection made easy with Pavishield

Properties of Pavishield - Concrete Protection

Evercrete Pavishield® protects fresh concrete floors and acts as a curing compound with an anti-evaporation effect. It eliminates the cracking caused by plastic and hygrometric shrinkage.
Pavishield® has a dust-binding effect and is an excellent consolidating agent for dusty floors. It is a permanent and definitive treatment.
Provides an excellent base for further surface treatments and cementitious overlays.
It is an excellent consolidating agent, blocks the rising damp and avoids saponification. It ensures R.H. < 85% over time.
Protects the paving from damage caused by freezing and by thawing salt.
It increases resistance to wear and to atmospheric agents.
Evercrete Pavishield® creates a permanent barrier that inhibits the penetration of water, acids, oils and toxic agents.
Gives total protection to the concrete; it blocks carbonizing, chloride, sulphate, provides better wear resistance and protects the reinforcing bars.

Uses of Pavishield Concrete Protection

• New and existing industrial concrete floors
• Indoor and outdoor floors
• Ramps and chutes
• Pavements
• Airport runways
• Sports tracks
• Cellars
• Farm structures like stables, cowsheds, piggeries, and barns for cereals and hay
• Skateboard tracks
• Before applying cementitious overlays such as Ercole
® and Microbond

Application of Pavishield Concrete Protection

The product should be applied in two coats, on perfectly clean surfaces free from residues of oil and grease. It can be applied by spraying, roller or brush. Application by spraying is recommended using low-pressure pumps manual and electric (max 5 bar).
Start from step 3 in case of fresh casts. On cured casts (aged over 3 months):
1. The floor should be clean and wet thoroughly before application. Wash with a water pressure machine or washer-dryer.
2. Wait until the surface of the floor is dry (from 6 to 24 hours).
3. Stir the product thoroughly before use.
4. Evenly apply the first coat of the product, moistening the entire surface.
5. Wait till the first coat has been absorbed.
6. Apply the second coat going cross (in other words, if the first coat has been applied following the east-west direction, apply the second one in the north-south direction).
7. Rinse the floor within 12 hours from the first coat, to remove all products in excess using a floor washer or other systems.

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