Bond-Kote Strutturale - Quick Concrete Repair Mortar

Bond-Kote Strutturale - Quick Concrete Repair Mortar


Bond-Kote Strutturale is a concrete repair mortar made up of two components: a premixed powder and a bonding liquid which, used as an additive, makes it possible to weld tenaciously the mixture made to the concrete support to be restored

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Bond-Kote® Strutturale is a concrete repair mortar applied for any purpose of concrete restoration and resurfacing. BondKote® Strutturale is made of two components: Part A is a premixed powder, Part B is a bonding agent which welds the mixture to any concrete surface.

® Strutturale repairs damaged or deteriorated concrete in low thickness and prevents the demolition

Properties od Bond Cote Concrete Repair solution

Bond-Kote® Strutturale is suitable for restoration and
resurfacing of deteriorated concrete.
• It is ready to be used after mixing the two components.
• Has an extraordinary resistance to cycles of freezing and thawing, and to attack by chlorides, sulphates and thawing salts.
• Easy to apply.
• Can be used for interior and exterior applications.
• Recovers the concrete.
• Resistant to the abrasion.
• Can be applied from 0,5 cm to 5 cm thickness.
• It is an excellent base for further overlays.
• Has a high adhesion to any base underneath.
• Weather resistant.
• Non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Uses of this concrete restoration mortar.

Bond-Kote® Strutturale is a versatile product, easy to use,
for both residential and industrial infrastructures.
• Floor levelling.
• Patching, repairing and restoring the concrete.
• Concrete restoring in a vertical and horizontal line.
• Repairing cracks.
• Floor restoring.
• Pedestrian and driveways surfaces.
• Parks, garages, entrances and storehouses.
• Skateboard track, bridges, sidewalks, highways.
• Landing tracks, brickworks, decorative concrete.
• Anti-slip surfaces.
• Masonry and decorative concrete (coloured or stamped).
• Platforms and loading ramps.
• For helicopter runways.
• Wharehouse and industrial plants

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 30 cm



Italian manufacturer of concrete additives, concrete repair systems and concrete protection. Also microcements and cementitious overlays

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