Ercole White - Durable Microcement Base

Ercole White - Durable Microcement Base


Ercole® is a cement coating that is applied to low thickness (from 1 mm to 3 mm) on damaged or severely deteriorated concrete of external surfaces. The correct application of the product guarantees the protection of the surface and avoiding its demolition.

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Ercole White - Microcement Base

Ercole® is a polymer-Portland-cement concrete (PCC), ready to use, and it is designed for use at a low thickness on concrete, asphalt, plaster, wood, metal and other surfaces. It is a special and versatile product for any purpose of restoration and resurfacing as well as a microcement base coat.
® applied on damaged or deteriorated concrete, avoids demolition. It is a single component ready mixed copolymer designed to avoid the need to replace damaged or deteriorated concrete and masonry

Ecofriendly cementitious microcement base to renovate and decorate your spaces.

Renew any type of surface, internal and external, vertical and horizontal, pedestrian and carriageable with a single product. Ercole® is a ready-to-use single component microcement: it is sufficient to add water to obtain a workable compound with very high performance.

Ercole® Microcement base is suitable for the restoration and resurfacing of concrete.
• It is ready to be mix with water.
• Has an extraordinary resistance to cycles of freezing and thawing, and to attack by chlorides, sulphates and thawing salts.
Can be used for interior and exterior applications.
• It is easy to apply.
• Can be used to recover concrete or as microcement.
• It is resistant to abrasion.
• Non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
• Excellent substrate for following applications.
• Can be applied from 1 to 3 mm thickness.
• Weather resistant.
• Waterproof.
• Can be used on footpaths, driveways and roads.

Ercole - microcement base layer cementitious overlay
Ercole - Microcement base layer - cementitious overlay

Application od Ercole

The low thickness cementitious overlays need mild temperature and - possibly - uniform sunlight in order to complete the curing. The product must be applied only when the surface temperature is above 5 °C and air temperature above 10 °C. Do not apply if the temperature is above 40 °C. Do not apply if rainfall is due in the following 24 hours.
Ercole® is applied by using a squeegee, a spray, a float or a trowel, or with other similar systems.

Surface preparation:

The surface must be sound and intact. Before applying the product, remove existing sealers or overlays in order to ensure the best adhesion. Repair cracks and fissures. Prior treatment with Evercrete Pavishield® or Evercrete Vetrofluid® is recommended.


Ercole® is ready to use, just by adding water (3-4 litres for a dry mixture, 4-6 litres for the self-levelling mixture) and mixing with a mixing drill in the bucket until you get the desired consistency, trying to avoid air bubbles during mixing. The self-levelling mixture is the most common application for 1 to 3 mm thickness overlays. Vertical and ceiling applications require a low slump dry mixture, by adding less water until you reach plaster-like consistency. For repairs over 3 mm, sand and aggregates can be added up to 1/3 of the Ercole® mixture. Ercole® is available in white or grey, but any colour may be obtained by adding Ecobeton cementitious dyes into the mixture.
Wait 5 minutes before applying.

Application of microcement base:

The surface must be wet before applying. For low thickness overlays, you can use a self-levelling mixture and apply two coats with a rubber spatula (squeegee). Self-levelling applications can be sanded between the coats and after the final coat, using a sanding machine or single brush machine. The final surface should be uniform in colour and texture.

Floor protection:

We recommend the use of one of Ecobeton protective products to prevent water, oil and grease absorption.

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Italian manufacturer of concrete additives, concrete repair systems and concrete protection. Also microcements and cementitious overlays

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