Rust Buster Gel - Rust converter for metals

Rust Buster Gel - Rust converter for metals

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Rust converter gel for rebar and other steel surfaces.

Ecobeton Rust Buster Gel is a rust converter for metals. It converts rust into a layer of tannic iron, an inert substance that blocks the oxidation process of iron and its derivatives.
It modifies the surface of pure iron, making it unassailable by aggressive agents. Rust Buster Gel also acts as a bonding agent for resins, repair mortars and other finishes.


Rust buster Gel - rust converter available in UK
Rust buster Gel - rust converter available in the UK


Surface preparation:

It is advisable to remove salts, detached rust, thick scale or rust, dirt, greases and other deposits using a wire brush. If necessary, clean with solvent detergents following manufacturer indications and rinse it. Remove carefully old coatings or varnishes with water by a high-pressure pump. Dust and leave it dry. All residues have to be removed before application of Rust Buster Gel.


The surface has to be dry. Apply the surface in a homogeneous layer by brush or roller covering all the surface. Not dilute the product before application. Stir the package
before using. After applying Rust Buster Gel, wait for the product to act and then remove the black purplish patina produced by reaction mechanically or by washing.

Coverage rate:

The consumption depends on the state of the surface and the rust layer. Generally, 1 kg of Rust Buster Gel is enough to treat 6-10 m2 of ferrous surface (around 90-150 linear meters
of reinforcing covers/bars with a 20 mm diameter).


Additional information

Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 25 cm

1kg, 5kg, 20kg



Italian manufacturer of concrete additives, concrete repair systems and concrete protection. Also microcements and cementitious overlays

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