Polished concrete

With years of experience comes quality assurance. Our specialised team prove themselves project by project.

Design is everything. It makes a difference between average and outstanding, but without professional and experienced team, even best design can fail. Polishing concrete requires patience. It can not be done all in one go. Depending on required texture, every level of grit requires at least two passes with polisher, in order to achieve uniform effect. Advanced machinery allows us to do that efficiently and at the same time keeping the place tidy without excess dust. Advanced chem products help to harden surface when required.

Plan early to achieve stunning results

Preparation is everything and possibilities are endless. At the early stages of your project, when slab is poured, it is the best time to decide what kind of finish would be the best. Embedded sea shells, glass or even metal, when polished can give surprisingly interesting and unique effect.

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