Crono - Superfast Concrete Repair Mortar

Crono - Superfast Concrete Repair Mortar


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Quick-setting, fibre-reinforced, concrete repair mortar.

Crono is a high strength fibre-reinforced polymer-modified quick-setting concrete reparation mortar. Crono is designed to allow a fast and reliable repair of concrete floors. Applicable from 0 to 10 cm, it has very low shrinkage. These properties speed up the preparation of support and reduce the entire job's application times, allowing reopening to traffic in an ultra-short time. Crono is eco friendly, made of natural cement and has low environmental impact CSA cement.

Crono is ideal where the repair has to be quick.

crono - quick concrete repair mortar
crono - quick concrete repair mortar

Airport runways

Crono allows to promptly restore failures and breakages of paved sections that cannot remain closed to heavy traffic, such as airports, logistic hubs and heliports.

Construction joints

Thanks to its rapid hardening and high mechanical performance, you can use Crono to restore construction joints in damaged concrete floors.


Crono efficiently and quickly reopens the industrial and private activities that need to allow transit in a short time from the traffic interruption.

Much more with concrete repair mortar ...

Crono is ideal for many other critical traffic situations such as motorway toll booths, ramps, walkable surfaces, junctions, deck repairs, parking lots, warehouses and industrial buildings.

Adapt Crono to your construction site needs with additives Lento,Rapido and Livella.

Crono-easy concrete repair mortar
Crono-easy concrete repair mortar

Purpose of using the product:

Crono is a polymer-modified, fibre-reinforced, fast-setting concrete repair mortar. The product is designed to allow quick and reliable reparation of concrete pavements.
It has excellent adhesion with low shrinkage: these properties speed up the support preparation and reduce the application times of the entire job, allowing the reopening of traffic in a very short time.

Surface preparation:

Clean all surfaces thoroughly before the application of Crono concrete repair mortar. All surfaces must be sound and solid, free of dust, loose particles, oil, grease, and other adhesion inhibiting substances. In normal conditions, there is no need for adhesion primers or specific profiling of the concrete. In case of oil contamination of the substrate, use Ecobeton Degreaser to clean the area. For large reparation areas, we highly recommend the use of Evercrete Vetrofluid® to seal and harden the substrate before proceeding with the reparation. If rising damp, efflorescence or salt contamination is suspected, it is necessary to wait at least one week before the application of Crono concrete repair mortar. During this waiting period, it is possible to use the surface for usual vehicular traffic; immediately before the application of Crono clean the area with water-pressure cleaning. If the area is uncontaminated, Crono could be applied as soon as Evercrete Vetrofluid® is dry to the touch.

Application of the product:

Crono concrete repair mortar can be applied in thicknesses from 0 to 10 cm. To fill deeper thicknesses is possible to add clean, dry gravel of 8- 10mm size up to 30% in volume. To overlay a low thickness area, or to improve the adhesion of the patch, it is possible to use Ecobeton Bonding Agent either as an adhesion primer layer and as an admixture. Refer to the technical data sheet of the product for further information.
Pot-life is ca. 20 minutes in standard temperature and humidity conditions. In warmer seasons, it is possible to extend pot life by adding the specific "Lento" additive. In cold weather, the "Rapido" additive will accelerate the process; do not apply if the surface or environment temperature is below 5°C. To obtain a self-levelling mixture, use the “Livella” admixture. These additives are available in single doses format per bucket or per bag.

concrete repair mortar
concrete repair mortar

Application on spot defects:

Prepare the surface as described in section "Surface preparation". If the reparation thickness is less than 1cm, pre-mix a primer slurry made of Portland cement and Ecobeton Bonding Agent in the ratio of 1:1 by volume. Apply the slurry on the surface to repair and proceed with the application of Crono concrete repair mortarwhile the slurry is still fresh. If the primer slurry gets dry, apply a new coat of slurry before proceeding. Refer to instruction to mixing Strutturale Fast in the product technical datasheet.

Concrete slab edge repairs:

Follow the same instruction described in section "Application on spot defects" for low thickness reparation. If possible, use a casting containment formwork on the border of reparation to ease the profiling operation; pre-treat the formwork with a release agent. If the side border is part of a structural or construction joint, round the edge with a 45° cut of about 1-2 cm size.

Large-area repairs:

If the thickness of the area to repair is less than 1cm on average, use Ecobeton Bonding Agent directly in the mix of Crono. Dilute Bonding Agent with clean water in ratio 1:1 by volume and use this pre-mix to mix Crono. When possible, prepare all the products needed to repair in a single batch, e.g. with the help of a concrete mixer, to avoid the formation of cold joints. Crono is fibre-reinforced, so in many cases, there is no need for additional reinforcement. As soon as the set has begun, keep the surface moist for about 1 hour, then treat the repaired area with Evercrete Vetrofluid®.

Opening to traffic:

It Is possible to open to the traffic after 4 hours from the beginning of the set. If chemical resistance is needed quickly, consider treating the reparation with Evercrete Vetrofluid®.

Subsequent surface treatments:

Application of painted marking, resins, concrete sealers, hydrophobic agents or other products for concrete is possible after 24 hours from the initial set. Evercrete Vetrofluid® could be applied after 1 hour from the initial set.

Compatibility with existing concrete pavement:

Crono is designed to have mechanical properties similar to the existing concrete pavement. Thermal expansion is the same as concrete so that temperature excursions will not affect the bonding of the reparation with the original slab. The reparation itself has a strong resistance to chemicals, freeze-thaw cycles, deicing agents and is waterproof.

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