Beautiful contemporary microcement furniture

Have you ever seen our contemporary microcement furniture made out of concrete? If you have - they were most likely made out of timber and covered with a special coating resembling concrete. This coating is called Microcement. The main reason concrete furniture are made this way is weight saving. But not only that.

Contemporary microcement furniture

Contemporary microcement furniture

Microcement is a great choice when humidity is an issue and ordinary units perish within months. To achieve this we're using water-based microcements, epoxy primers and polyurethane sealers. Together they create an impenetrable barrier that is waterproof, heat resistant as well as very durable.

Microcement coated furniture looks the same every day, and it doesn't weigh a tonne like cement furniture available on the market.  You can have a bespoke sink, vanity unit or even bigger wardrobe, with microcement on top. Table, chair or sofa covered with layers of microcement are perfect garden furniture.

Usually, layers of marine plywood or MDF are base for contemporary microcement furniture. Sometimes additional reinforcement is required, for delicate parts or flimsy surface special glass fibre mat or bandage is applied with 2 layers of pure epoxy resin, before installing additional layers of microcement.

Mikrocement fireplace table feature

Contemporary style can quickly become funky and colourful, a variety of micro-cement dye is available, and creating a unique microcement colour is very easy. Ask for different colours samples before you decide, but bear in mind colour on a small surface always looks different than on the whole surface, everything matters - light, shadows, time of the day etc. Micro cement is a pretty random thing, microcement pattern effects can be almost the same, or completely different. This is why architects love microcement, for its uniform randomness.

To find out more give us a call or fill out our contact form. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to tell you all about our contemporary microcement furniture and other items that we can make like cast concrete.

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