Microcement worktop is easy

Microcement is a perfect overlay for kitchen tables, worktops and splashbacks. You can order your microcement worktop made to measure with Kensington Green. We can provide ready-made worktops or manufacture them on-site, whichever is most practical. We can manufacture steel frame kitchen islands, worktops with under-mounted sinks, splashbacks in different colours, finishes, shapes and sizes. Just send us an email using the contact form and we'll soon be in touch.

microcement worktop

microcement worktop

Recently Microcement became very popular, with its uses in most areas like kitchen, bathroom, living room, foyer, basement or swimming pool. It beats tiles or other traditional products. We receive quite a lot of enquires, about kitchen worktops covered with microcement. Mainly customers want to know, whether it is safe, fire retardant or hygienic. Yes, it is.  It also looks exceptionally good in a contemporary kitchen. No special maintenance is required, as opposed to wooden worktops, which require constant oiling etc.

Microcement worktops

Microcement is surprisingly tough, it's flexibility allows for absorbing most impacts. When tiles break and granite worktop cracks, the microcement worktop is usually still standing, usually - because it has to be installed absolutely correct. No layer should be omitted, depending on the used system it would be from 6 different layers up to 10 layers - where for example 3 coats of the microcement base are needed. Applying microcement is a labour intensive and time-consuming task, so it is very important not to abandon any of the steps and layers.

Each layer is as important as the whole system. If your surface has already cracks, they will most probably show on the top layer if you don't remove the cause of the cracks. Then you should fell all cracks densifying resin. If your screed or wooden floor has no expansion gaps and cracks, Microcement will not solve that problem either. There are other products and solutions, please do not hesitate to ask us for more info, or even better send an enquiry before your screed/floor is laid down for a piece of extra advice.

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