Terrazzo never gets old

Terrazzo never gets old

Terrazzo - classic flooring

Its history reaches ancient Egypt, and it hasn't changed its form in general. Tossing marble chips into cement and polishing after is very similar to most current technology. There are obviously differences in terms of concrete quality or machine polishing, but it's still the same old terrazzo. Currently, we can distinguish two major groups of terrazzo - one is a cementitious base product, and the other is resin-based. First is the classic one, suitable for interior as well as exterior, requires good quality concrete slab and mortar underbed. The latter is called thin-set terrazzo, suitable for interior applications only, but there are more colours to choose from, it is much less prone to cracking, allows for a thinner application in a shorter time, allowing for the lighter weight of the whole system. Hollywood Walk of Fame is a perfect example of classic terrazzo.

In Kensington Green ltd we use TerraFloor system, which is for its variability of colours, durability and shortest possible installation time. It requires Baubond bonding mortar and is lay down on Terratop screed. You can choose from over 30 different styles and colours, as well as custom made.

We are London based concrete flooring specialists and we can install any type of cement-based flooring almost everywhere you want us to.

First of all, you should make sure, that the floor substrate is sound and sturdy. Then we apply a layer of epoxy resin together with quartz sand of specific grain. This is necessary to isolate the terrazzo from the load-bearing slab and provide additional adhesion

. After completion of the resin layer, we'll pour the flooring mix. After the flooring mix is dry enough we will power trowel it to achieve a smooth and even surface. After 28 days of curing terrazzo is ready for polishing.

First we grind the terrazzo to achieve desired level. We do it using HTC floor grinding machines with diamond tools. Once we achieve the levels we wanted, polishing begins.